TR Computing Solutions


Smartphone Application Development
You need to provide access to data in an intuitive manner using smartphone and tablet hardware.

We deliver software on Android, iPhone, iPad, and Blackberry Playbook. Using agile project management and strong development processes we are able to generate applications for multiple platforms with a minimum of platform dependent code. In addition, we are able to deploy the application to multiple app stores and provide analytics of application usage.

Integrate silos of Information
Your data is located in a number of different sources, each maintained and updated by differing processes. However, you need an integrated view of data from each source.

We can architect enterprise level solutions that take into account scalability, reliability, security as well as fault tolerance. We ground our architecture in our expertise of databases, message queues, webservices as well as system architecture. Once an overall architecture has been settled on, we can also provide services to implement the architecture.

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